New Students

Hello new freshman!

Congratulations on choosing to study chemical engineering in LUT!

Join the Chemical Engineering Guild!

>Read instructions here!

Remember to join the guild! Membership perks include:

The guild room

The guild room (known as kiltis) if the place to hang around between (and also during?) lectures and meet other chemical engineering students, both old and new. There you can get coffee and tea, store your snacks in the fridge and hear great stories, interesting conversations and the best tips for studies!


The guild organises multiple events from small to large and members often get early registration and discounted prices.

The Black Overalls

What would the life of a finnish chemical engineering student be without the magnificent black overalls? The overalls have big and numerous pockets which allow you to keep all your everyparty carry with you and the lightly coated fabric protects you from weather, ground and other physiochemical phenomena. The overalls also have logos of our sponsors which you should check out for summer job if nothing else.

Awarded Chemical Engineering pHreshmen of the year Hall of Fame vai Shame(?)

  • 2003 Juulia Wägar
  • 2004 Päivi Julku
  • 2005 Sanna Ojanen
  • 2006 Anna Wallinmaa
  • 2007 Antti Karhu
  • 2008 Reko Fagerholm
  • 2009 Laura Rossi
  • 2010 Kai-Yin Liu
  • 2011 Robert Heikkinen
  • 2012 Henri Heikura
  • 2013 Anna-Riina Haverinen
  • 2014 Heidi Saastamoinen
  • 2015 Siiri Venäläinen
  • 2016 Jukka Nykyri
  • 2017 Pinja Nieminen
  • 2018 Waltteri Rimpiläinen
  • 2019 Tuuli-Maaria Rönkä
  • 2020 Eemil Åhman
  • 2021 Vilma Mikkola

The pHereshman of the year is awarded at 1st May on the fortress hill during the picknic.