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You can find LUT Chemical Engineering Students -group from Facebook – to stay in touch with other chemical engineering students and to inform about guild’s news and upcoming events!

What is a guild?

Guild is an organisation formed by students of different study fields. Guild is an independent organisation. It’s neither a part of the student union nor university’s administration although it works closely with both. Guilds provide different services and perks to their members depending on the very guild. Generally a membership includes access to the guild room and representing students of that study field in academic and non-academic events and presenting view of the students in university’s administration meetings regarding studies. Guilds also organise events for their members.

Guilds are registered non-profit organisations. They need to have at least two general assemblies a year, make zero balance budgets to fund themselves, and choose at least minimum amount of board members as demanded in the Finnish law regarding organisations. Guilds usually fund themselves by selling advertisement spots from overalls to companies, organising events or by joining/membership fees. Membership of guilds last usually through your studies and after graduating you become an “old member”. Each guild also has its own colour too, which can be seen on the overalls of the guild’s members and in other things related to the guild.

In Finland and in Lappeenranta guilds are a big part of student life because they are the ones who organise events and represent students. For Finnish students becoming a member of the guild is almost a must do. That’s why we happily want to welcome also foreign student’s to join the guild!

Kemiantekniikan Kilta, KeTeK
– Chemical Engineering Guild

As you’ve probably figured out by now KeTeK is the guild for students of chemical engineering. The guild was founded in 1976, and therefore it is the 4th oldest of LUT based guilds. It has currently approx 120 members (current students) and loads of old members from alumni of the university. Practically speaking all the students that start studying chemical engineering at LUT in bachelor’s degree join the guild. We are working to reach same levels with master’s students.

The guild is run by the guild board. It is made of the guild chairman and eight members of the board, assigned to different responsibilities. Because the guild board can’t manage alone with all the important matters related to the guild, we also have varying number of different in-charges who have different roles much like the board members. Also all the active and willing guild members are needed in organising different events and projects.

Guild perks and events

The guild room of KeTeK is located in the second floor of the second phase of LUT – room number 2211 – as of 2017. That is the place where our members come to hang out between their lectures etc, to drink coffee and just to pass time and socialize. At the guild room we also have some magazines to read, and also bulletin board where some information on different upcoming events and such is given.

KeTeK as a guild organises training of the new chemical engineering pHreshmen each academic year, so that the new students learn to be proper students. The guild also organises excursions to companies related to field of chemical engineering. Other events include sitz parties, sauna evenings and parties throughout the year. We also take part of the guild Olympics as a team each year where different guilds compete in certain sports every year.

“Image is nothing, chemistry is everything”

How to join?

To become a member, please fill out the online application form or print and fill out the printable application form and put it in the red box in the guild room. The forms can be found in the guild room 2211 as well. The application fee is €20 and it gives a membership that lasts throughout your studies.
Online application form
Printable application form
Please note that the bank account number has changed! Make sure to use the new one: FI39 5620 0920 4565 62
with the reference number 217.

How stay in touch?

Guild’s international officers can be reached via email

KeTeK has its own email-list for everyone studying chemical engineering. Via this email-list the guild is able to inform you about upcoming events, what LUT has to inform and everything else you as a student should know. This DOESN’T REQUIRE BECOMING A MEMBER and we highly recommend subscribing to it if you want to know what’s happening during the school year.

Joining KeTeK’s email list

  1. Start a new email to
  2. SUBJECT (please notice, write only this): 
    sub ketek.guild
  3. MESSAGE: (empty, nothing at all)
  4. SEND!
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation message
  6. Do what is said in the message
  7. You’ll receive a real confirmation message
  8. Profit!

KeTeK is also in social media, you can find us in Facebook as a page and as a group and in Instagram @ketekry! The Facebook page creates all the events that the guild is organising, so go ahead and like it! 🙂